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NGCo Bass

Bass Guitars

Solid build. Fantastic balance. Full sound.

Our basses are smooth to the touch, and play just as well. With fantastic balance and feel, these mid to full size bodied models have no shortage of exciting options to enhance the hand carved and solid wood. Comfort and quality sound is where it’s at with these lean and clean designs. We enjoy designing and building every bass, and we are on standby to get your instrument started.

Full size. Fantastic balance. Fantastic Feel.

This handcrafted instrument was our first bass model. Available in 34” or 35” scale, the range of options from frets, hardware and the neck options, really make this bass model a fun one to design and call your own. Get your fingers on these frets, and there’s no turning back.

Mid size. Sleek comfort.
Full sound.

This bass feels as good as it looks. With its mid size body and sleek design, this instrument sits comfortably against the body. Available in 34” or 35” scale, with 4, 5 or 6 strings, the Dylan is a fantastic option for musicians who are looking for a full sounding and appealing design. The admiration won’t stop when it comes to this bass model, as it’s impeccably built, from front to back.

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