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Black Solis-0113.jpg


Traditional look. Modern take. Huge sound.

This familiar seeming guitar is not the guitar your dad had. The Solis will eat that one for lunch. 


25.5” scale

Black Satin finish

Flame maple neck

Custom hand wound pickups pickups

Hipshot hardware

Solis: Materials
Black Solis-0127.jpg
Black Solis-0119.jpg
Black Solis-0126.jpg
Black Solis-0122.jpg
Black Solis-0115.jpg
Black Solis-0118.jpg
Black Solis-0113.jpg
Black Solis-0130.jpg
Black Solis-0124.jpg
Black Solis-0110.jpg
Black Solis-0109.jpg
Solis: Materials
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