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NGCo Custom

Custom Guitars

NGCo base models. Unique options. One of a kind guitars.

There’s no shortage of custom options for each of our base electric, bass and acoustic models, to allow each musician to work with us to design your dream instrument. We consider all types of requests for customizations, and will best know how we can meet your needs, when you contact us. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to get things rocking and rolling!

Seas of Cheese bass guitar six string bass, unique rare high quality wood selection royal black and white ebony

Seas of Cheese

Quality variations. Rich sound. Commands attention.

This rare beauty is unmistakably a one of a kind that we couldn't help but name Seas of Cheese. Nearly everything about this instrument is unique to our base models, which is a rarity, but it does show off the range of our unique approach and commitment to quality through and through.

Full back
Full frontal
Headstock back
Body back
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